Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines: Beverage Packages – Allure of the Seas

Port Everglades – 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Royal Caribbean offers three separate Beverage Drink Packages for an additional per person fee. From unlimited alcoholic beverage packages to soda and water packages, Royal has everything you need to stay hydrated and refreshed.

Classic Soda Package – The Classic Soda Package is available for an additional fee of $12.99 USD per person/per day.  This package entitles each individual who purchases the package to one Coca-Cola Souvenir Mug per person and unlimited fountain soda refills at Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines throughout the ship.

Refillable Mug from the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package

Although we did not purchase a beverage package on our cruise, we were provided with one complimentary refillable Coca-Cola Souvenir Mug to enjoy for the duration of our cruise.  This was a very nice surprise, and thank you to Royal Caribbean for providing us with this unexpected but welcomed surprise! Although it was not something we were planning on purchasing or using during our cruise, it certainly was nice to have and our mug came in handy throughout our time onboard Allure of the Seas.

Bottled Water Package – Cases of bottled water can be purchased through Royal Caribbean for an additional fee.  Cases are delivered to your stateroom in quantities of 12 or 24 and they include one liter bottles of Evian Spring Water.  We drink a lot of bottled water on a daily basis, and we do not drink tap water.  We knew we were going to need to either carry our own water on board or purchase a package.  In the end, we purchased one case of 12 bottles of Evian water for our cruise at $39.00 USD plus tax and gratuity.  The bottled water was great to have each morning as we hit the gym or the track and also when we headed into port for the day.

Refreshment Package – The Refreshment Package includes unlimited cups of coffee, tea, fresh squeezed juices, soda, and non-alcoholic mocktails as well as a refillable Coca-Cola Souvenir Mug all for between $28.00 to $38.00 USD per person per day.  As with all packages, there are some restrictions, and we are not sure if Starbucks is included in this unlimited coffee package, but we would wager that it is not.  We did not purchase this package while onboard as complimentary coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages are available at a number of venues throughout the ship.

Deluxe Beverage Package – The Deluxe Beverage Package is an all-inclusive beverage package.  This package includes bottled water, soda, coffee, tea, fresh juices, wines, beers, and classic cocktails.  The package ranges in cost from $63.00 to $89.00 USD per person per day.

Martini Tasting at the Rising Tide Bar is a great way to save money on cocktails & try new things onboard Allure of the Seas

Select brands are not included in this package and are available for an additional fee, and bottles of wine are also not included but available for an additional fee.  However, the package does entitle the package holder to a discounted rate on the purchase of a bottle of wine ranging from 20-40% off per bottle.  Basically, this package is not “all-inclusive” in that it only entitles the package holder to drinks valued at $12.00 USD per drink and under.

In addition, the Deluxe Beverage Package package must be purchased for everyone in the stateroom for the entire duration of the cruise.  Therefore, one adult cannot simply purchase the package while the remainder of their party decides to opt out nor can you purchase the package just for one day or night.

Taking advantage of 2-for-1 Pineapple Cocktails poolside onboard Allure of the Seas

Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Worth the Cost?

As with anything when making travel plans, it is important to do the research and the math. What is “worth the cost” for us, may not be for you and vice versa.  All we can simply do is explain what we learned from the process in order to help you make the best decisions for your cruise.

For us, bottled water was the most important beverage.  The bottled water package cost was worth it because we had no way to carry on a case of water prior to our cruise given our pre-cruise travel plans.  We also drink a lot of water, so this makes sense for us.  This was a no-brainer.

With soda, coffee, tea, and other beverages, the cost just doesn’t add up for us.  We do not drink a lot of soda, and most of these beverages are readily available (albeit not in the “premium” form) at each of the dining establishments.

We enjoy the occasional bottle of wine with dinner or a cocktail by the pool, but after doing the math, we couldn’t see ourselves drinking our monies worth on this particular cruise to justify purchasing the Deluxe Beverage Package.  While onboard, we took advantage of several drink promotions during our cruise from 2-for-1 cocktails to half-off bottles of wine with dinner.  These deals may not be available during your cruise, but there will always be “drinks of the day” cocktail deals which is a cruise industry standard! In addition, we intake most of our alcoholic beverages while in port where drinks are significantly more affordable.

Travel Tip: Local Beer and Cocktails in Port are significantly more affordable than what is charged onboard.  This goes for all cruise lines industry-wide.

Ask yourself what is important to you and your family while you’re cruising? Is it water, soda, coffee, alcohol, or all of the above? If it is alcohol, is it a beverage valued under $12.00 USD, or do you prefer top-shelf liquors and rare bottles of wine? The best piece of advice we can give you is to do the math with the cost provided based on your days of cruising to see if this is in fact worth the cost for you.

Our very first ever cruise with Royal Caribbean International onboard Allure of the Seas was beyond incredible.  We often refer to this cruise as one of our best vacations to date.  We both agree that it is firmly in our Top 5 Trips Taken.  Allure of the Seas offered everything we were looking for, a good mix of activity and relaxation, fantastic food, and the ports of call were fantastic.  Although we consider our activity level on this cruise a pretty active one in that we made it to the gym or ran on the track each day and also managed to see and do so many things both onboard and in port, we still managed to arrive home feeling so relaxed.

We’re so glad we finally decided to take a chance on Allure of the Seas and Royal Caribbean, and we’re are kicking ourselves that it took us so long! We will absolutely be cruising again on Allure of the Seas in the future, and we can’t wait to try another of Royal Caribbean’s ships on our next cruise!

Each night before dinner, we watched the sunset from Allure’s top deck.  However, it was Haiti that offered us the best sunset sail away of all our nights onboard Allure of the Seas.

Have you ever cruised or are you planning to cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines? If you have, tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below to help us plan our next cruise with Royal!

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