Walt Disney World Resort News: The End of Complimentary Toiletries

Many guests argue that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find “complimentary” items at The Walt Disney World Resort. Those of you who’ve stayed on property know that one staple you can (or could previously) always count on finding in your guest room are the compact shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and soap bars generously replenished daily by mousekeeping throughout your stay.

Sea Salt scented H2O+ toiletries offered at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in 2017

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been admiring the many varieties of Disney toiletries that have come and gone throughout our many stays at the Walt Disney World Resort. From the very beginning, these travel-sized bath & body products which previously featured everything from the Resort’s individual branding to Mickey Mouse himself, have been something guests (similar to other major hotel chains) look forward to upon arrival. Personally, it’s refreshing to know that if we forget our shampoo or it explodes in our suitcase, Disney has us covered. Although we don’t exclusively rely on the use of the in-room toiletries, it is nice to know they’re offered. Over the years, many of our friends have told us the toiletries are something they bring home as a souvenir to remind them (while their using their Mickey soap or shampoo) of the happy memories they experience on the Walt Disney World vacation.

We are huge fans of Resort-specific merchandise, and we truly enjoyed the days when each Resort had its own individual bath & body products. More recently, Disney began partnering with H2O+ Beauty to create a more “high-end” but commercial offering for their guests. This partnership was a step in the right direction, and Janine honestly cannot live without the in-room Grapefruit Bergamot body lotion! (Janine: It is almost identical to the Scent that was offered in the Grand Floridian’s line of bath & body products in the late 90’s! #memories). The mini-lotions became a great addition to our bags while we were park hopping, and we often took the bath products along to the water parks for those long sunny days when we didn’t have time to return to the hotel to shower before dinner (pro tip: Disney waterparks do not offer complimentary toiletries. If you’re planning to shower at the end of your day, be sure to bring your own).

Recent rumors around the (Disney) World have been sharing the sad news that Disney is seriously considering doing away with all complimentary toiletries. No more free shampoo for you! In fact, this seems to be a reality in some areas of the Resort already. With a quick google search “Disney toiletries”, you will find that guests of both Moderate and Value Resorts are no longer arriving to these travel-sized toiletries, but instead their showers are now fitted with metal racks housing liters of H2O+ shampoo, conditioner, & body wash (similar to what you might find in a professional salon, and not a hotel or resort). With this in mind, guests can no longer stock up on those travel-sized toiletries that were previously offered. What’s next Disney, bring your own towels?

Grapefruit Bergamot scented H2O+ toiletries offered at Disney’s Yacht Club in 2016

It’s easy to see that eliminating these offerings would save Disney a pretty penny, that’s if H2O+ Brands doesn’t already donate them to Disney in exchange for the publicity… However, given the nightly cost of staying on Disney Property, we can understand why guests enjoy this little luxury, expect it, or perhaps see it as, “getting something for their money.”

With the increase in competition between the newish high-end hotels on Walt Disney World Property and Disney’s existing hotels, like the Waldorf Astoria (Bonnet Creek-area) and the Four Seasons (Magic Kingdom-adjacent) where hoards of movie stars and celebrities have all stayed recently, it’s surprising to us that Disney would want to decrease amenities for its official hotel guests?

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Will you miss those adorable bath & body products like us? Will you think twice about saying on property your upcoming trip to the Walt Disney World Resort? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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