Drinking around Walt Disney World Resort: AbracadaBar at Disney’s BoardWalk

Disney’s BoardWalk – 2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Orlando, FL 32830

It’s no secret that we enjoy a good Disney cocktail, and the AbracadaBar is the latest Disney owned and operated watering hole to debut at the “most magical place on earth.”  Located on Disney’s BoardWalk, this former magician’s lounge is the perfect spot to enjoy some enchanting elixirs and take a break from The Parks.

Travel with us below on Day 2 of our Walt Disney World Vacation as we take you on a magical journey to the all new AbracadaBar at Disney’s BoardWalk.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for access to our latest vlogs!


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Located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and nestled between Trattoria al Forno and the newly re-imagined Flying Fish on Disney’s BoardWalk, a stone’s throw away from EPCOT Center, AbracadaBar is the perfect spot to beat the Florida heat, escape an afternoon rainshower, and grab a few cocktails with a magical twist.

Like Trader Sam’s before it, the eclectic theming of this little lounge is out of this world! This magic spot officially opened in July of 2016 with a very mysterious back story.  It turns out AbracadaBar was once the secret hangout where BoardWalk magicians and entertainers would share magic tricks and craft creative concoctions until one night something very strange happened when all of the magicians disappeared! Now after years of exclusivity, the home of “vanishing libations” and “standing ovations” has finally opened its doors to the public!

Travel Note: AbracadaBar is a venue all to itself.  It is not simply a “waiting area” or “lobby” as many have dubbed this spot for your restaurant reservation next door, and it does not supply the drinks for either Flying Fish or Trattoria.

The storytelling is prevalent in so many of the details that went into the creating this elegantly themed saloon that for us is very Alice in Wonderland meets Houdini.    Before opening the venue’s oversize doors, be sure to look up at the words that great you.

Open Sesame

Step inside and turn back the clocks to the height of class and sophistication. There are no cheap tricks here as you transport yourself with the lounge’s richly decorated and intimate interior.  Take a seat at one of the two high top pub tables, the bar, one of the decadent booths lining the walls, or of course the highly coveted oversize plush couch by the feature window.  (Janine: The seating arrangement is very similar to Trader Sam’s – minus the uber-comfy couch.)


If you want to learn more about this hangout, the Bar’s framed issue of The BoardWalk Bugle provides the full backstory on exactly how this spot came to be.  Take note of the wall of props from magician’s past and of course the extraordinary art work and show posters lining the walls.  If you stay long enough, you’ll soon learn that the drinks aren’t the only thing that disappear!

AbracadaBar is also one of the few places (pool bars aside) where guests can enjoy a cocktail or two outdoors.  During the warmer months, the outdoor patio offers the perfect way to enjoy the Florida sunshine.  This is also a great spot to escape the rain if you find yourself on the BoardWalk during an afternoon shower like we did.  Grab a seat at one of the patio’s eight four person tables for some people watching and fantastic views of Crescent Lake.

Sunny afternoons on the AbracadaBar Patio offer the best views of Crescent Lake
Cheers to another enchanting elixir at Abracadabar
Stay dry during afternoon showers on the AbracadaBar Patio
The AbracadaBar Patio is the perfect retreat after a full morning in EPCOT Center

Our server Kyle had the magic touch, and he was the perfect person to show us what was in the cards on our very first visit to the AbracadaBar.  With his wit, charm, and wealth of Disney knowledge  Kyle, and the rest of the magnificent AbracadaBar team, worked their magic in creating some of the most delicious signature cocktails that you just won’t find anywhere else! Kyle and the AbracadaBar team did an amazing job catering to our every need, filling us in on some AbracadaBar-insider info (Janine: the details that went into creating this space are insane!), and of course recommending a sampling of delicious drinks to make our already fantastic afternoon at Walt Disney World even more magical.


On our most recent trip we tried four of their curious concoctions while we enjoyed a serving of complimentary curry-dusted popcorn with Chickpeas.

Our first drink was the Parlor Trick which was described as “an Old Fashioned cocktail that celebrates old fashioned magic.” This drink included Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Simple Syrup, & a splash of Soda Water, and it was exactly what Kyle described it as – an old fashioned, and it was the perfect option for bourbon lovers like us!

Parlor Trick

For our next drink, we took a walk on the wild side with Pepper’s Ghost. The menu describes this this one as, “Don’t be surprised if you detect spirits and flavors that aren’t meant to be seen,” and boy were they right! The ingredients were listed as Ciroc Pineapple Vodka & Habanero Lime.  This is a drink you have to see to believe.  We marveled at our glass when our martini arrived as a completely transparent beverage! It’s as if the ingredients had vanished into thin air.  This one has a hint of spice, and was one of Jared’s favorites.

Pepper’s Ghost

Another drink that blew us away was The Conjurita.  Listed as, “a colorful Margarita that never reveals its secrets,” this was perhaps the most perplexing of all the concoctions we ordered.  This potion contained: Gran Centenario Plata Tequila, Cointreau, Simple Syrup, & Lime Juice.  As our bartender crafted this beauty, a deep shade of purple liquid filled the glass.  However, at AbracadaBar – there is magic in the air. After a few magic words, the contents of the glass transformed into a bright pink shade.

The Conjurita

Our final drink of the day was the Collin’s Double, and we certainly saved the best for last! This drink was described as, “Shh…this clever Gin cocktail is the secret look-alike of Tom Collins.”  This was hands down Janine’s favorite drink at AbracadaBar, and she only ordered it after Kyle’s suggestion.  The secret ingredients are: Hayman’s Old Tom Gin & House-made Sweet-and-Sour topped with Soda Water.  Unlike the rest of the cocktails we ordered, the alcohol wasn’t as prevalent in this concoction.  Think fresh squeezed lemonade with a twist!

Collin’s Double

Like many returning Walt Disney World guests, we still suffer from the loss of the adults-only playground that was Pleasure Island.  However, we are a huge fan of the surge in specialty bars (very reminiscent of the Adventurers Club, now defunct #Kungaloosh) at the Walt Disney World Resort.  With the combination of AbracadaBar, Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar, ESPN Club, and the Atlantic Dance Hall, Disney’s BoardWalk has become a nighttime staple on our visits to The World.  It is fantastic to finally see, after years of neglect,  attention being paid once again to adult entertainment at Walt Disney World.

However, the main problem still exists which is: how can resort guests safely visit these venues? Disney does not currently offer resort to resort transportation.  This is a frequent scenario we often find ourselves in as we dine primarily at the resorts. Fortunetly for us, we were already staying at an EPCOT Area resort hotel, so the AbracadaBar was just a short walk away from our front door.


In our opinion, each of our four hand crafted beverages were definitely worth the $12.00 price tag.  As we’ve said in a number of our Walt Disney World vlogs, you can certainly find more affordable locations to grab a drink at The Walt Disney World Resort (most moderate resorts offer a $5.00 drink of the day), but the theming, unparalleled service, and craftsmanship of the beverages at places like AbracadaBar are totally worth it for us. However, in strong contrast to what you might find at the resort pool bars, it should be noted that the majority of the drinks at AbracadaBar are on the strong side. This may be a turn off for some.  If that’s the case, we recommend you start with the Collin’s Double.

Travel Note: Before you leave this magic space, take a moment to find at least one of the lounge’s two hidden mickeys.  If you need a hint, head to the restroom or look up as you exit.

The AbracadaBar was one of the things we were most looking forward to exploring on our most recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and after a failed attempt on our first day, we were so glad that we were able to finally visit this new upscale specialty bar and lounge during day two of our trip.


AbracadaBar is an enchanting addition to Disney’s BoardWalk and the EPCOT Resort Area at the Walt Disney World Resort.  We had some very magical moments at AbracadaBar, and if you have the chance we highly recommend you stop by for a drink or two (Jared: or four!) on your next trip to The World! If you see Kyle, stop in tell him we said, “Hello” and ask him about his other job as a wizard!

Are you planning your first or next trip to The Walt Disney World Resort? If so, we’d love to hear what’s on your itinerary! Please let us know in the comments below.


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