Things to do: Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Rent a Golf Cart

Imagine touring a Caribbean island in your own personal open-air vehicle! With the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, indulge in the beauty, adventure, history, and culture of Isla Mujeres at your own pace as you tour Isla in your very own golf cart.

Ride along as we vlog our way around our favorite island paradise, Isla Mujeres.

Our journey began at our amazing Playa Norte hotel, Privilege Aluxes, where we rented our golf cart via our front desk staff and made our way south toward Punta Sur.  From Privilege, we hit the road and made sure to stop at anything that peaked our interest (and offered legal parking) along the way.

Be on the look out for No Parking Signs

Golf Carts are the preferred method of transportation on Isla

Our first stop along our adventure in golf carting was Cockteleria Justicia Social (“Social”) for a few amazing tacos dockside.  This is the spot where you will find the absolute freshest seafood and best ceviche in Isla Mujeres.

The Cockteleria is operated by the local fisherman’s co-op, and they did not disappoint! Although there are indoor options at Justicia Social, dining al fresco is a must for us.  This is the perfect spot to people boat watch as local fisherman, naval personnel, and ferries come and go from the surrounding docks.  In the late afternoon and evening hours, this is also a great spot to kick back with a Sol and a sunset.

For our next stop, we chose’s No. 1 Ranked Restaurant in Isla Mujeres, Polo’s Mango Cafe.  Needless to say this was a charming and unique spot in Isla, however, the food left us wanting more and so we continued on.  For a far more detailed review of our time at Mango, check out our review.

After our stop at Polo’s Mango Cafe, we took a tour of the recently refurbished Zoetry Villa Rolandi located in the Sac Bajo region of Isla Mujeres.  This lovely resort, previously known as Villa Rolandi, has come highly recommended over the years from our fellow Isla visitors.  However, there were no rooms available when we planned this particular trip.



The one thing we’ve heard from past guests is how much they loved this family owned establishment for its attention to detail.  Now that it is under new ownership by the AM Resorts Corporation, were interested to see if the boutique hotel vibe is still present.  After a tour of this beautiful resort and it’s fantastic oceanfront restaurant, it is obvious that the Zoetry team did a great job with this beautiful resort.  We are certainly interested in a future stay with Zoetry Villa Rolandi.

After our stop at Zoetry Villa Roland, we made our way further south to Punta Sur.  On our way to Punta Sur, we came across a “sunset happy hour” sign that we just couldn’t resist.



Luckily, our curiosity got the best of us, and we decided to explore further.  The sign happened to be advertising the bar at what has become our favorite little spot in Isla to spend an evening, the uber posh Casa de los Sueños.

This upscale oceanfront boutique hotel is home to the perfect open-air restaurant and bar, and we cannot express our love of this venue enough.  For a far more detailed review of our time (including one incredible sunset dinner) at Casa de los Sueños, check out our review.


After we said goodbye to our new friends at Casa de los Sueños, we made our way as far south as we had left to go to Punta Sur to take in one of Isla’s famous sunsets.  When we arrived, we made our way through the Caribbean Village and the Sculpture Garden.  We even made a new four-legged friend who just couldn’t get enough of our belly rubs!

For this sunset a small shower was passing through, but it certainly couldn’t put a damper on our evening.  Like a scene from a painting, we watched as the sun set on another beautiful day in paradise.

After sunset we made our way north towards Playa Norte, and we ended up in downtown Isla, Centro for our final stop of the evening.  We walked the narrow downtown streets deciding on a venue for dinner.  We ended up in a small area where a number of restaurants and bars are concentrated, and only pedestrians are allowed.  It was here that we decided on Fayne’s Bar & Grill after hearing about it from some of the staff at our hotel.

Although the staff was very friendly and the restaurant’s outdoor barbecue intrigued us (we love being entertained while we eat), Fayne’s unfortunately was not something we could recommend to future visitors for the best of Isla Mujeres cuisine.  Although the outdoor seating and location of the restaurant are great for people watching and grabbing a drink with new found friends, as far as the food goes – our entrees sadly weren’t even comparable to what you might find at a Chili’s Grill & Bar in your hometown.  Fayne’s version of Mexican cuisine was lacking in flavor, texture, and all around presentation.  In contrast, if you aren’t adventurous and are looking for more Americanized Mexican Cuisine, Fayne’s is for you.

However, after dinner was another story.  We stuck around Fayne’s after dinner for the nightly band, however, we were told later the band would not be able to make it.  At this point, all of the (few) remaining Fayne’s diners had left, and we were about to do the same after we finished our next round.  As an attempt to console us, Fayne’s staff handed over the controls to the Restaurant’s D.J. booth and in result, we turned an otherwise empty restaurant into a full house in no time!  Janine played music from her iPhone and took requests from guests while Jared ushered visitors in off the main streets of Centro.  At one point, he found a wedding party that was bar hopping post-ceremony, and they danced the night away with us at Fayne’s.  Centro became Cancun 2.0 in a matter of minutes, and we had one of the best nights ever singing and dancing with all of our new friends!

With so much to see on this beautiful Caribbean island, there is no better way to explore Isla Mujeres than with your own personal open-air vehicle!  We highly recommend you spend a day exploring all the beauty, adventure, history, and culture Isla has to offer by renting your very own golf cart.

For more on our beautiful resort, Privilege Aluxes, check out our full review here.

Have you been to or are you planning a future trip to Isla Mujeres? Let us know about your past or future visits to Isla in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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