Restaurant La Lomita Comida Mexicana: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Restaurant La Lomita Avenida Juarez – #25 Sur, Isla Mujeres, Mexico 9989392331

After asking our fantastic hotel staff at Privileges Aluxes where we could experience the most authentic food on Isla Mujeres, we were directed to La Lomita.  We were staying at Privileges Aluxes in Playa Norte (North Beach) on Isla, and we enjoyed the half mile stroll through the tourist and into the residential areas of Playa Norte to La Lomita.

La Lomita is a true homecooked meal prepared by a wonderfully sweet Mexican family who are residents of Isla Mujeres.  This intimate venue is one of a kind, and it was truly one of the most amazingly authentic dining experiences we’ve ever encountered.  If you are so fortunate, you will find your self dining in the kitchen of their home or like us you may prefer to dine al fresco at a small table curbside.

However, be forewarned – you may find the language barrier a bit difficult as the staff at La Lomita only spoke Spanish.  From the moment we arrived at Lomita the service was beyond excellent.  When we were presented with the menu we were overwhelmed with tasting offerings.  Each and every item on the menu sounded like exactly what we were looking for on our first night in Isla Mujeres.  Then, much to our suprise, we were presented with a special features menu that seemed to make our decision that much more complicated!  The menu selection overall was broad, and our waitress was kind enough to offer descriptions and recommendations on each of the dishes we were interested in.  The menu items included fresh seafood, chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian options.  There were so many incredible dishes to choose from, and it’s not often that we get to experience authentic homemade Mexican cuisine, it was difficult for us to decide!  We were very impressed that such a small establishment could offer so many menu items, but we did notice at one point one of the members of the La Lomita family did appear to go out in search of ingredients at the local grocer while the rest of our dishes were being prepared.  Talk about fresh!

Cocktails at Lomita
Cocktails curbside at Lomita

Jared anxiously awaits the cuisine de casa
Jared anxiously awaits whats to come

Home made chips and salsa
Home made chips and salsa

Various salsas of the house
Various salsas of the house

The chips were freshly made and seasoned perfectly, and the salsas were dancing with all of the flavors of fresh vegetables and herbs.  When we finished one round of the chips and salsa, we were provided with another without hesitation.  We honestly could’ve made a meal out of just La Lomita’s delicious chips and salsas alone!

Chicken kabobs and white rice

Janine thoroughly enjoyed the marinated shrimp kabobs with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and white rice.  The shrimp (fresh) were close to jumbo in size, and they were cooked to perfection.  Both the shrimp and the vegetables had a wonderful char from the grill which we loved.  After a recommendation from the family at La Lomita, Jared decided on the chicken enchiladas and black beans which he loved every bite of.  The enchiladas were filled with an abundance of juicy bites of chicken, and they were swimming in incredible white cream sauce.  Both entrees were muy excellente, and our pictures do not do these homecooked meals justice!

Chicken enchiladas

After our meal, we enjoyed chatting with the family at La Lomita, and playing with their sweet dog Max.  Getting to know the family of La Lomita was perhaps the best part of our meal.  Their adorable dog Max loves to receive attention from all of La Lomita’s diners, and Max certainly kept us entertained during our visit to La Lomita.  Watch out guys – Max is quite the ladies man!

There are a number of restaurants surrounding the hotels in Playa Norte.  A good majority of these restaurants are in fact tourist traps.  If you are looking for a truly authentic experience during your time in Isla Mujeres, we highly recommend you avoid the restaurants located on Avenue Miguel Hidalgo (such as Fayne’s Bar & Grill).  This three block radius offers the most Americanized version of Mexico that can be found on Isla. In this section of Playa Norte you will find overpriced fare that is poorly prepared and barely edible.  This area also turns into quite the scene in the evening hours with DJ’s and cover charges when it turns into a miniature version of Cancun.

La Lomita truly offers fantastic food, and they make you feel like you’re a part of la familia!  We are so happy we had the opportunity to dine at La Lomita while we were in Isla Mujeres, and we hope to return soon for another delicious meal.  If you happen to find your self on Isla Mujeres, we highly recommend La Lomita if you are looking to experience the best and most authentic Mexican cuisine Isla has to offer.

For more information about La Lomita, please visit their Facebook site.

If you are looking for dining options in the Southern part of Isla Mujeres, please read our review of the incredible Casa de Los Sueños

Have you experienced out of this world dining during a recent stay in Isla Mujeres or anywhere else in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula? We’d love to hear about all of your dining adventures! We are always looking for new places to try in our favorite “island in the sun.”

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