Bucation – Life’s a trip

Willkommen, Jambo, Bienvenue, Fáilte, Hola, Bonjour, Aloha, & Welcome!

Bucation is the journey of a Philadelphia-based husband and wife who’ve spent most of our thirty-some years on this planet battling an incurable condition of wanderlust.  After endless hours of research on where we’ve been and where we plan to go, we formed this site to share our experiences and unbiased travel reviews with people who have a similar travel style to ours in an attempt to break down the stereotypes of various destinations and attractions.

When we are not working, we love to explore new places and revisit old favorites (like our second home, The Walt Disney World Resort) together as husband and wife, with our best friends, our family, or solo all while taking advantage of the best to see, do, drink, and eat.  Bucation was born out of our love of travel, and we embark on these bucations to follow our true passion.  For us, planning an adventure is all part of the fun!

This site contains our honest and unsolicited opinions along with detailed information about each of our journeys – the good, the bad, and the amazing.  Each of these adventures are our own, and we aim to disprove any misconceptions we may come across along the way.  However, it should be known that we approach our holidays with a more laid back perspective than most.  There are no itineraries – just adventures.

Along the way, we indulge in our loves of photography, fun and of course food in an effort to share as much information as possible with our readers!  All photographs on this site are our own, except where noted otherwise.  We love to capture every moment of our journey, and this site is just another way those adventures can live on.

We hope you will find our travel articles fun, informative, and unbiased, and just maybe someday you will want to take bucation too!

The goal of bucation is to inspire the traveler in you. If you suffer from a similarly incurable case of wanderlust like us, we hope you will find yourself lost in the information and photographs within these pages. From unbiased reviews of destinations past, present, and future to photographs of all the things we love to go, see, and do, we hope you’ll discover something that will inspire you.


Janine has been flying to exciting new places since before she could crawl.  She was only a few months old when she took her first flight, and she has been a fan of the Travel Channel since the late 1990’s.   After being introduced to a whole new kind of travel thanks to Travel Channel personalities like Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain, Janine has suffered from eternal wanderlust ever since.

Jared spent most of his young life traveling across the continental United States and falling in love with the American Landscape.  After traveling to a Wyoming Dude Ranch, where the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains meet, Jared truly began to appreciate a whole new style of travel.

Jared and Janine owe a great deal of thanks to their families for not only introducing them to these incredible places and helping them develop their passion for travel, but also for their help holding down the fort while they are away.  Jared and Janine took their first extended vacation together as a couple in 2004, and they have been exploring the world together ever since.

Please note that this site was created purely out of our passion for travel.  The comments, opinions, and views set forth on this site are the reflected personal positions of the site’s creators.  This site is not an affiliate of any of the business entities discussed in our posts.  The comments, opinions, and views set forth within this site are not the official positions of any such entities, and they do not reflect the entities’ position.